About this site

About this site
Me in Mallorca in 2022 (a great place to retire to someday).

Digital Entrepreneur is an independent publication I launched initially in December 2018 (when I established my Estonian e-residency company), as an online course aiming to help entrepreneurs build an integrated go to market platform with HubSpot and WordPress.

This December (2022), I decided to pivot from an online courses website to a startup advisory blog and community for entrepreneurs who want to become digital with the help of technology.

I am a full stack marketing technologist with 20+ years of professional experience in technology and digital marketing (media & brand agency, publishing, performance marketing). 20+ Certified HubSpot Solutions Provider and Revenue Operations Tech Solutions Architect with experience working with B2B tech start-ups and scale-ups.

I am also a former web development agency owner with extensive professional experience in cloud infrastructure (AWS), content management systems (CMS) and marketing automation technologies. MBA, MSc in IT Management & BA in Journalism & Mass Communication.

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